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Finally decided I needed to create a home on the web 
for my varied interests, our family photos and like that.  
Just click the buttons to jump to the section that interests you.
You'll likely find all sorts of 'non-working parts' &/or 
design issues.  Lotsa stuff I shudda dun but have not yet.  
At least the photos should be visible.  If some of the pages look funny, it's because I've used a specific font for the page but you don't have it on your computer.  I need to specify alternative fonts but haven't yet done so.   So much to learn, so little time!  
Please enjoy whatever you came to see!

Blessed Be

 Clickable Bullet    Astrology  ~ An accumulation of my 40 years dabbling in Astrology
 Clickable Bullet    Family ~ Family Genealogy + Pics
 Clickable Bullet    Friends ~ Sharing Fun with friends pics
 Clickable Bullet    Travels ~ Pics, info & handy links for various places we've explored 
 Clickable Bullet    Techy Stuff ~ Tips, tricks + links I've collected over the years
 Clickable Bullet     Casita Alegria ~ Our new home in the Comox Valley


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