October 9th, 03 ~ Hey - Oma's keeping up with the program!!  Waddya know!  So here are 
some shots of me during the summer.  I did major neat stuff this summer.  I flew in a plane 
to Ontario +  and I went fishing + all sorts of other stuff.  I am sure one lucky guy!
Guess Y'all can probably figure this - Yes?
(Hint - It's called Soccer)
Mom needs to give Oma details here!

Now am I Kool or What !!  Batman RULES!


September 9th, 03 ~ I'm considerably older than the 'baby pictures' now.  I started 
Kindergarten on September 2nd !!  It is just too kool & I already know 
how to read!  We'll be giving you some new pics soon so stay tuned!

 (If you really wanna see my 'baby pics', the link is a the bottom of the page.)


Oma kinda gets behind (she's a little old & slow) so these pics are a little dated.  
Oma, Opa & I went to Science World one day and we had a super time!  
Here's some shots of that day.


Cal + Opa at 
Science World

Cal at MacD's

Cal at Science World with the 
'boat float thing'

Cal after Breakfast - 
always a much happier boy!

So ya really wanna see my baby pics?  Okay - click here.

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