(These are my 'baby pics' when I was just a little guy.)


Hi ~ I'm Calvin and I was born February 28th, 1998 in Campbell River, BC.   My Mom is Janine & my Dad is David.  I have a whole WHACK of grandparents which makes for EXCELLENT birthdays & Xmas's !!  My Oma is going to put up some pics of me & then I will add stuff when I get to it.  A little guy like me has an awful lot to do . . . .  I'm waaaay bizzy.

This was ages ago when I was just a little kid.   I'm MUCH bigger now.  

See - I did grow!! 
I'm hamming just a bit here so people think I'm an angelic kid.  Of course most of the time I AM perfect but I do have my days.  Don't we all?

Ahh - back to reality.  It's so nice to be able to simply be your goofy 
ol' self!

Life with me can be a bit hair-raising at times.  
What can I say?

Sure -- one of those early morning shots when a guy isn't exactly at his best.  

NOW I feel more energetic!!

Okay - we've done breakfast & we're ready to get 
underway now!  
Let's get started.

Now you just try lifting a piece of wood this size!  I'm a wrestler and I'm in training!

See what a little exercise will do for a guy !!

This is one of those 
"for the grandparents" shots.  I'm rarely this subdued.

Oma thinks this is "Perfectly Calvin"

I got somethin' but nobody seems to want to know what it is !!

I borrowed Dad's camera so I could learn this photography thing myself.  
A guys gotta keep up with life ya know.  Hope you like them.

This is my Dad's back.  Interesting hunh?

Now, if I wasn't a little kid, they'd call this "Art" !

Dad must've taken this - NO idea what it is.  Adults just don't have the touch of an 'artistic genius'.

This is when Dad said "Okay lil' buddy - how about you give Dad the camera now."

Gotta run!    Catch ya later !   Luv Cal


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