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This may well be a lifelong (hope I have a few years left yet) work.  I go in fits and starts, sometimes staying up the night thru & at other times with  weeks passed and nada done.  I've put much (though not all) data I presently have  into the World Ancestry Tree.  When I get TMG I'll download the tree & add on to it thereafter, as time permits.  I admire greatly those who've researched from the get go.  I was twice blessed in having those before me provide much data and information.  Where it not for all these patient, good and kind souls, these pages likely wouldn't exist!  

While I am most interested in sharing info, you may find I'm a bit slow in replying however you can trust I will get back to you!

The main family names are:  Armour, Byatt, Collins, Charlton, Kaufman, Lawson, Rickson and Thorsteinson however, as with many families, thru second marriages and families of 10 plus children, the branches expand everfold.  The direct lineage is Icelandic, Scottish, English & Austrian 
with a little Irish just to spice things up!  While there are many English roots, we go back a long way as well in the Annapolis Valley in 
Nova Scotia, Canada.


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