Our Golden Boy "Kai"

" Myriosa's Journey to the Sea"   

Our New Puppy Boy  

Kai's Siblings & Baby Photos

Kai At 3 & 4 Months Kai At 5 Months 
Kai's Owweee!

Kai At 6 months

Kai At 7 Months Plus Kai One Year
Kai Age Two

Kai Age Three

Golden Links Pedigree

Kai Age Two

Xmas '07

Kai One Year 

Smelling the Roses mmm Zinnias Quiet Time

KP + Ranger

It's My Birthday !!!!!!!!

An Ice Cream Cake for KP - oops - it has some chocolate in it!

Fogedabout da pictures - lets EAT! They don't let me eat at the table!

Kai 7 Months Plus

Doing a little gardening with Mom Catchin' some rays with Dad

Afternoon Nap Time

The missing coat from his October Owee has 
mostly all grown in now and his feathers in the 
back are the same length.  March has seen him *blowing his coat* BIGTIME  so, as everything is covered in dog hair, the Swiffer is getting a 
work out!  He remains the most loving of puppies 
and we've, as yet, had no chewing up of shoes, furniture or similar adventures we were 
reportedly going to encounter.  KP is incredibly smart learning most any command in 48 hours maximum.  As a result obedience classes became boring for us all so we're thinking we'll do some private lessons (for us) in future.  
As for his medical update:  His last Xrays where 
in Feb and showed all well healed.  The pins will remain as they are not bothering him at all.

Taking a snooze with Mr. Moo after 
his walk and swim.

He is so helpful about the house, always willing 
to help with the dishes!

KP (Kaiser Puppy) got a hot spot in 
January which grew rather rapidly.  While we 
got meds for it, what seemed to work best was 
Gold Bond Powder & it's waaay cheaper!  Hasn't 
had one since so no idea what caused it.

KP exploring at Seal Bay.

KP 8 Months BD

He's a pretty big boy now weighing in at almost 60 pounds.  He's still not at all fussy about car 
travel but we're hoping as we go hiking and to the beach in the coming months, he'll become 
easier with it.  He's a little heavy for my lap now!  
He loves the water and swims almost daily no matter how cold out it may be.  He's also fascinated 
with the bathtub and will go sit in it regardless if there is water forthcoming.  LOL!!

Dirt Dog

(or what happens when KP plays unsupervised!)

Before Bath Puppy

After Bath Puppy

Tub Results!

Snow Dog

While a little cautious at first with the *new stuff* on the lawn, Kai quickly adapted and 
began eating it!  LOL!!  A *Golden Trait* would you say?  :-))

Kai At 6 Months

Fall Dog

6 Months Birthday Dog


Kai's Oweee

This is an update for Kai's Oweee & how things are going.  
A little preamble ~ Kai got *spooked* on Halloween.  Nothing to do with Halloween 
itself but simply that it happened on that day.  He was on his walk with his Dad, nose to the 
ground as always, and looked up to find himself in front of a large object (commonly 
known as a garbage can),  The sudden (to him) appearance of this object scared him and he 
jumped, knocked over the can, and (unfortunately) landed badly.  Much yelping occurred 
and Dad carried him home.  
(Luckily they were only at the entrance to Seal Bay Park as he's getting pretty big now - 
read HEAVY!)  By this time of day (5:30 ish) our Vet wasn't open so we coddled & cared 
for him and took him in the next morning to find out what was up ~~ never expecting 
what was to transpire.  We went in to see Saskia early the next morning where we 
took Xrays of Kai's Owwee.  

Short & long is Kai had broken a piece off what is called the 'tibial crest' and this piece was 
now free floating.  It required surgery by an Orthopedic Surgeon and that was only available, 
short term, in Vancouver.  Saskia bandaged his leg, put him on MetaCam and rushed the 
Xrays to Vancouver.  The result was . . . off Holly & Kai went on our 'great adventure.'  
All went well and Kaiser, as always was his normal "uppy puppy" self.  

He was quite unphased by all events except the 'car ride stuff' to which he has a definite 
aversion.  The 'free floating piece' was relocated back to its original position, held in place 
by two pins & a tension wire at ACCG in Vancouver.

He gets his stitches out on November 15th/05.  He had one of those *lampshade things* 
but we took it off almost immediately ~ very messy for eating and generally a PITA.  
He's not really bothered about (nor bothering with) his stitches at all & we're putting Aloe 
on them so perhaps that is helping as well.  He was on Cephalaxin (Anti-B) for the first 
5 days and Percocet as a pain meds.  The biggest challenge is *he thinks* he's pretty fixed 
up now and doesn't quite get that he can't pop about as usual.  As a result our house is 
"barriered" everywhere!

We'll be doing Xrays mid-December to see how the 'inside stuff' is working.  Thereafter 
we'll decide if we will leave the pins & tension wire in place or not.  Hopefully we will as 
*we* don't really want to do another road trip. 

Many thanks to Dr. Terry Schiller of ACCG for her heartfelt attention to Kai.  I was pretty 
edgy by the time I arrived at ACCG;  it had been a long & very unexpected trip.  
Terri was very calming and very caring of us both.

Update for December  ~~    Kai's XRays in December showed his leg is healing well though 
not yet entirely healed.  We'll take another set of XRays in mid February and go from there.  
Kai shows no affects at all, jumping about and playing as always.  


Poor KP.  Pic before our trip to Vancouver 
though after X-rays here in Comox.  
Our Vet, Saskia, is totally great and took 
very loving care of KP.  
I highly recommend her!

Mexican Hairless perhaps?

Nope just Puppy P's post-op surgery leg.  
Nice structure hunh??


These are our stitches - and - 
some mmmm other stuff.  :-))
And another shot of same a little closer up.  
Still looks a little red in this photo but that's 
all gone now.
This was toooo funny and the photo doesn't 
really convey the humor of the situation.  He'd 
had surgery on the 3rd and this was the morning 
of the 5th, thru which our dear friends Sam & 
Marion took such gentle & patient care of us.  
Kai is looking in these mirror doors at this 
"other Puppy", making faces at him, pawing at the 
tile, trying to get to him . . . it was waaay funny 
to watch!  Ya had to be there!!
I'm 5 Months Now!!
I'm Doggone Dirty Eh?
One Day after My 5th Month Birthday
Other Puppies do these glamour shots thing but me ~ I'm just a country boy who 
gets down and dirty with whatever I can find.  

See ~ I clean up good!

I'm growing bigtime - 37 pounds now!

Try packing that weight a few blocks!

Kai ~ 3 to 4 Months

*Mommy* with Kaiser Puppy Puppy Love

Bath Time for Boys Kai & Mr. Moo

Treats Pleeeeesse?

"Ghost Boy" ~ Kai loves to play with a 
towel (or anything else handy!) 

Kai + Tula playing with *Mr. Ducky* ~ Tula is his cousin Schnauzer & they get along pretty 
darn well.  We're looking forward to next summer when KP is a little bigger (who am I kidding 
with the *a little* part) and they can romp about the yard.

Kai's Siblings + Baby Photos

Kai is from a litter of 7 Puppies ~ 2 Boys (Camden + Kai) and 4 Girls (Amelia, Journey &  ??? ).  
Amelia is loved by our Breeder Maralyn, Camden is loved by Becky (below) &
Journey is loved by Kristiina.  I'll update regarding sisters 3 + 4 when I receive info on them.  
Puppy 7 unfortunately didn't make it into this world.

New Pictures of Camden at 8 Months Plus

"Camden" - Kai's only brother, with Mom Becky.  
They live in Sanford, Florida now.  
More photos of Camden can be seen at 
Becky's website found here.
Sister Amelia Aged One

Hey - She's got JEWELRY Mom!

Sister "Amelia"

Amelia + Kai waiting for Treats with "bowl boy" being none too patient!
Amelia + Kai ~~ Siblings Playing ~ So Friendly Looking!
Guess This Is What One Calls * Sibling Rivalry *.

Breeder Maralyn with "Dante"

Baby Photos

  9 Days Old ~ Kai's the Green Ribbon & 
(I think) Amelia is the Blue Ribbon.
Kai at 6 Weeks
Kai (Green Ribbon) June 26/05
Hmmm - I think this photo is indicative of 
a life long trait!  ( In case it isn't clear to you, 
he has his head in his bowl! )
Introducing Kai
Our newest family member~ Kaiser P. Puppy.  Hope you love him as much as we do!  
We met him today (IRL) and are very much looking forward to having him as part of our household 
shortly!  He's just SUCH a sweet sweet little guy as you'll see.  His name was picked serendipitously 
it seems.  With no pup on our horizons, we (Bill + I) were chatting about names and I suggested 
"Kaiser" given WK's Austrian heritage.  Fact is I didn't really like it and, as with all names & 
naming procedures, sometimes the name doesn't fit the person.  We both have a long history in 
and love of Hawaii so, being that in Hawaiian Kai means "To The Sea", we'll likely call him "Kai".  
(Well I will definitely call him that & we'll see about that other person!)  :-))

So here ya go . . . see our new baby boy!


WWK Doing Tummy Rubs

"I think I smell food!"

"More Tummy Rubs ~ That's Good!  Maybe I could like it here!"
WK with Maralyn (Breeder) + Kai 

More WK + Kai

Our New "Little Guy" aka Treasure Boy!


Is he not the Sweetest Little Guy???
He is soooo gentle natured.  He's simply AMAZiNG!



Kai and his siblings were born May 22nd, 2005 
at about 9PM in Victoria, BC by Cesarean Section.      
His Sire is: 
Am. CH. Laurell's Goin' Great Gun's OS, SDHF
Dam is: Can. CH. Spiritlodge Lyrical Finnish

Here you will find Kai's K9 Data.

Kai has Sun in Gemini, Moon in Scorpio & Sagittarius Rising
Below *Astrology Buffs* will find his chart.


Centre for Disease Control and Prevention ~ Canadian Centre for Disease Control

BC Center for Disease Control  ~ Cryptococcal Disease Info in BC

Canine + Feline Cryptococcus ~ Good general info 

Cryptococcus Info at Canadian Goldens ~ Kristiina, who sadly lost Laika to Crypto 
(see link in article) now has Journey, Kai's sister.

Orthopedic Foundation of America ~ excellent info on health clearances

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ~ Self Explanatory

Virtual Vet ~ Many issues covered but health & such topics as poisoning are covered

Veterinary Partner ~ Many Health Resources thus a do not miss

Canine Eyes ~ Self Explanatory

Dog Vaccines   ~ See Above

World Small Animal Veterinary Association ~ While rather technical, tremendous info on 
many many diseases & conditions affecting all small animals found in the various yearly conferences.

Interceptor Info ~ information on this worm medication
BC Veterinary Health Association ~ has the yearly tattoo code and more.
Canadian Veterinarians ~ some good resources + article plus lots of info inks
Pet Web Library at Marvista Vet ~ one of the best resources a pet owner can have
West Coast Canine Life ~ the food we feed Kai & on which he thrives
Skye's The Limit ~ Canine Life on the East Coast
Canadian Kennel Club ~ If you have a PB, then you likely want this link.
American Kennel Club ~ Lots of good info + links
K9 Data Site ~ This is where all (most?) pedigreed dogs are registered.  
It has a searchable database.

Pet Place ~ also a great place for puppy/dog health info (and more)

Canis Major ~ lots of articles & info here -- a good resource

Greenies ~  Kai LOVES these & they are good for him.  He pays little attention to his Nyla Bone 
but chews on these for as long as they are around.  Update on these -- There is some alarm that 
Greenies, particularly in large quantities, can cause intestinal problems so we've backed off giving 
them to him but for the odd occasion, feeling we'd rather be safe than sorry.  YMMV  Here you'll 
find a (quite graphic) page which lead to my caution and there are several others.

Animal Critical Care Group ~ The Emergency Clinic in Vancouver where Kai had his surgery
Shamrock Veterinary Clinic ~ Our Vets here in Comox - GREAT FOLKS!

Land of Pure Gold ~ Treat recipes + interesting info

Animal CPR ~ As this is page is on AOL, and knowing how links on the Internet can disappear, 
I'd suggest printing this PDF document and placing it in your *pet* file.

Animal Health Care ~ Many informative articles at this Canadian site.

Adverse Vaccination Reactions Info ~ worthy of a read as knowledge is power.  More Vaccine 
info can be found here.  Scroll down the page a bit.  And yet more here.

Hermangiosarcoma at Vet Info ~ a form of Cancer to which Goldens are at a higher than normal risk
Merck Vet Manual ~ a multitude of clinical information on diseases and treatments.  Highly technical.
Poisonous Substances Links ~ good info & links to more

BC Veterinary Medical Assoc. ~ has current years Tatoo code + current local info

Home Made Treat Recipes

Toxins Which Affect Dogs

Veterinary Medicine Libraries

Feeding A Golden ~ good info here


Top Goldens - great forum with lots of info shared

Global Paws - limited information until you register

Golden WebRings ~ self-explanatory & has many sites

Canadian Goldens Discussion Forum


Myriosa Kennels ~ Maralyn Our Breeder

Spiritlodge Goldens ~ Co-Breeder with Maralyn of the Myriosa litter

Goldenquest Retrievers ~ in Delta BC has many good links & info
Golden Retriever Club of Canada

Golden Retriever Club of America

Goldlen Retriever Club of BC
Golden Retriever Club of Alberta
Evergreen Golden Retriever Club in Washington State ~ rescue plus more
Canada's Animal Pedigree Act
Canadian Kennel Club ~ purebred registration in Canada
American Kennel Club ~ ditto above but for the US


Canadian Goldens Activities ~ Info on tracking, agility, flyball, Canine Good Citizen & more

Agility Association of Canada ~ Links to Provincial Agility Associations & Info

Quicksilver Agility ~ Agility Basics

Good Dog Agility ~ more Agility info

Western Dog Shows ~ In Western Canada, a useful list if you're interested in showing

Show Dog Supersite ~ Many topics related to showing dogs
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and more ~ I find the Canine Personality Profile very interesting
Top Goldens ~ One of my fave sites with lots of info.  I've mentioned it above in the forums list.

Land of Pure Gold ~ A 'test' based upon Volhard (above) that indicates dominant drives.

Clicker Training Levels ~ lots of info + charts

Clicker Training with Karen Pryor

More on Clicker Training


Kong Company ~ makers of the ever popular Kong Toy and has lots of info/recipes . . .
Orvis ~ makers of many pet items but I love these wooden barrels!
Pet Supply House ~ Canajun eh?  Good Canadian site for pet supplies online.
Animal Advocates of BC ~ a wonderful group in which my *old vet* is involved.  Read the story of 
*Judith* and you'll weep or kill - (or perhaps both) depending upon your personality.  They do have 
some 'site issues' but keep searching (and donating).
SitStay ~ all manner of puppy/dog products
Outward Hound ~ great gear for travelling with your pet.  I also like (and have) the small leash 
pouch to hold the **pp* bags.  At the moment I can't find a direct link so have used the Pooch 
Canada site as they have most of the products.  *Google* Outward Hound and you'll get lots of hits.
Gaylan's Goldens ~ they do, of course, sell stuff but they have some good info links
Puppy Preparedness ~ a wonderful article about getting ready for "puppiness" with lots of links 
to puppy training & prep info.
Puppy Canada ~ more info on puppies & their personalities.  Supported by food manufacturers 
so don't believe EVERYthing.
Pet Loss Poem List ~ While we despise thinking of this time, particularly if we have a young 
puppy, this is a handy link to have, both to comfort others and to comfort self.
Golden Retriever Weekly ~ a great magazine devoted to our favorite subject!

Dogpatch ~ lots of doggy info

Great Article on Introducing *New Puppy* to *Resident Cat* 

Canadian Goldens ~ a multitude of information, often with latest 'health happenings' in Canada

Dog Border Sets ~ a large array of breeds

Lawns + Dog Urine  ~ some interesting solutions, particularly the brown sugar!

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