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Ponderosa Point
August 2003


Bill & I, Dave & Sarah spent a week at Ponderosa Point on Skaha Lake over the Labor Day 
long weekend.  The weather was fabulous with very little disturbance from the forest fire smoke though we did see several 'water bombers' scoop water from the lake.  This is an excellent resort if you have small children.  There are lots of facilities for them in 'Central Park' and the water is very shallow for quite a way out.  Bernie & Dan, the resort managers, arrange a hot dog night & a movie night each week.  I'd highly recommend this spot if you vacation with small children.  You'll (soon) find links for the resort & for the area 
towards the end of the page.



The Cabins

Welcome to Ponderosa Point

The 4 A-Frame cabins at Ponderosa

Larch Cabin ~ All the cabins are named after trees.

Larch living/dining area looking towards kitchen + front door.  
You can see the doorways to the two bedrooms on the left.

Sorry ~ these are a bit dark but they let you see the big deck at the edge of Skaha

The Grounds

These shots look from the doorway of Larch down to the beach & lake.

Water Ski Dock

Central Park

Firepit on the Beach

Shadow guarding the golf cart

Deer Deer & more Deer !

Yes there is a deer here. And here he/she comes up the path!

Deer Family Adventures

Views of Skaha Lake from our Deck

Views across Skaha to the Wineries on the opposite side

And another view pic

No Bill did NOT take this picture.  :-)))

And some more view pics

People Pics

Dave Snorkeling . . . Mikey LIKES it! This snorkel stuff is cool!

Dave's gotta hit the Electric Beach! Sarah + Dave at the Beach

L - R Dave, WK, Dan + Sarah on the deck L - R Dave, WK + Dan on the deck

Friends Jerry + Margaret came to visit WK + Dave on the Deck

We're Vacation Ready!!

A Father and Son Chat?

Getting Some Rays

Gee these heavy golf days really sack a guy!

Da (or is that Dah) Boys At the Horseshoe Pitch

Yes, yes WWK won.  You think the story would be told any other way???

Due to the excessive noise being generated within the confines of the cabin by an individual
 who shall go unnamed, Sarah & Dave had to sleep out on the deck 
to get a decent bit of shuteye.  :-)))

If you're interested in Ponderosa Point as a destination for your family, check out their website for full information.

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