Joan & Grae's in Comox



CFP Pals Gathering ~ September 2002

Golf at Crown Isle


Entrance to Club House Gazebo at Rear of Club House

Rear of Club House

Note the Gold Fire Hydrant!

"What His Name's" Antique Car Collection

Driveway to Club House Entrance Club House Bar/Restaurant Conservatory

The Golfers

A Little Afternoon R+R

Deb Checks Out Real Estate in Heaven aka Comox Fabulous Pond !!

Di delicately retrieves Croquet Ball while avoiding Frog + Fish population

Joan + Grae's "Best Homes + Garden"

Coming thru the front gate, to left the front door and to right as per 
next picture
Side of house down to rear patio with some of their fabulous garden
Same shot ~ slightly different angle And again
Looking From Back Corner by Grae's Funky Gate toward Patio Guest Cottage 2002 ~ Check it out in 2003
The Veggie Garden from the Deck Joan's Gorgeous Water Pond

Water Pond at Night


From the Cliff next door in the Nature Preserve

Next door to Grae & Joan is a large area of land designated as a nature preserve.  If one goes thru the 'funky gate', one arrives, via a path,  at a big field at the front of which is this awesome cliff & a fabulous view.

At the cliff edge View from the field

The fab view ~ up close & personal

Nitetime Bocci ~ Can you say "Had a Few" ??
The Pro Watches His Shot Carefully Di + Sonny ~ what a TEAM !!

All Star Bowler Prepares Crucial Bocci Shot



Check out the pics from 2003 for garden updates!

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