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Hi John & Sharon  

Billy & David's fabulous vacation in Palm Springs 
- September 10th thru 21st, 2001 -  
at Bill's sister's home, directly across the street from these wonderful folks, John & Sharon, who most graciously 
took  wonderful care of Bill & Dave. 
They made this father & son adventure one both will 
remember always.

Thanks U2  !!

Hope you enjoy the pictures & the memories.

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Da' Boys

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"How come I don't live here? "

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"Waddya Mean Good Morning?  
What's good about it?"

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"It's California - He must be a movie star! "

Daves Swing

"Or maybe a Pro-Golfer?"
"Or is that Baseball?"

WWK Sharon John

"A 'Fairly' Good Picture!"

WWK Dave

"Y'all musta had some mighty big breakfasts!  
Look at ALL those EGGS! "

Valley View

View from Monika & Bob's Patio

Monika Patio

Perfection In Paradise

Looking For Ball

"Quick - Somebody get the binoculars!"

Dave Waiting

"Time for Golf?"


"Bratwurst Anyone?"

John Sharon Dave

"Having a 'Fairly' Good Time!"

Sharon Dave

Sharon's exhausted from living with 3 men!

WWK John

"Okay - Who ate all our Bratwurst???"

On Course

"A Sand Trap you say?"

Retng Travelers

"It's just soooo good to be home! "
Yeah Right!

Dave Returns

The guys actually got a tan!!

WWK Returns

" Waddya mean you lost the #!!*/*&##$ car? "

Holly says:
"Ahhh -- It's soooooo nice to have you home Darling!  
And when is your next vacation????"

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