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Master Bedroom
12' x 15'

Room Orientation

Room is on the Northeast corner thus early morning light until 
about 9:30AM.  



Very Basic Floor Plan

Painted, Furniture In + Ready to Accessorize

Color representation (at least on my monitor) is wrong.  It appears *peachy* but is in fact a strong yellow with a green tint/tone -- Behr's 'Quiet Veranda'.  Looks really good with the furniture.  Not as fussy about it with the window treatments but perhaps with the addition of blinds, ones eye would be taken away from that.


Around the Room . . .

Window coverings?  Wood 2" blinds like the Living/Dining or ???

What to do above the bed?  The bed head is under the peak of the vaulted ceiling 
so lots of space above it.

On my monitor, the left pic is very accurate of the bedspread.  Carpeting however, is much lighter than it appears here.  Called Butter Cream and is a light yellowy beige kinda color, not this dark pinky taupey shade I'm seeing in this pic.

The bench was intended to go at the foot of the bed to hold the bed cover and the pillows at night.  Unfortunately I did not take into account the fact that the bed head sticks out from the wall at least 8"'s cutting the available space down dramatically.  Sigh.

Wondering what to do with this wall which is the direct view from the bedroom doorway.  Monkey prints?  Tropical botanicals?

This chandy was formerly in the dining room.  DH put it up here by himself with great effort so we won't be replacing it for awhile.  :-)))  The colors in the shades work well but the *brassyness* of it irritates me alot.  I'm thinking refinishing it but with what??

On Decorating --  my thots so far are:

On top of the Armoire, a basket with (artifical) tropicals - leaf & bloom or with a Boston fern.
Over/On the Lingerie Chest, a smallish mirror perhaps with ??

On the 6 Drawer Chest, a Lamp preferably with plenty of the Cinnibar color from the bedcover? 

 Perhaps use the small print presently on the lingerie chest & the small jewellry chest I intend to pick up in Mexico this year.

Between the Chest and the Armoire, perhaps a potted Palm with a mirror on the wall behind which will reflect the bedhead wall?

Need new bedside lamps -- ideas?

Any ideas gratefully received and considered!


Middle Bedroom
9' x 10' 6"

The middle bedroom is small but adequate for a guest room.  Closet is a reasonable size and 
the window faces east thus gets morning sun.  Double bed fits fine but 
not a lot of room for other furniture.  

Guest Bedroom painted - BM's Frontenac Brick - on the two walls you can see.  Other two walls 
are a shade up from the above on the same card.  (Can't recall name at the moment.)   
Still have border print to put up.

The lamp (seen in pic above), presently being used in the MB, will replace the wicker one seen here.  That lamp is not strong enough for reading.


Puzzled on what to do with this window.  It seems a little bare with just the blind.  I've only recently realized this is the only window in the house witihout a full wood frame around the perimeter.  Would it look better with that?  Or do I need curtains?  Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Front aka Office/Bedroom
10' x 12'

This room is largely my office & personal retreat.  We have an *Aero Bed* which we can 
easily put up here when/as the situation warrants.  However it's larger purpose is 
for my *quiet time* and as an office for me.  It faces largely south and has striped 
brown/rust carpet (which I hope to eventually replace with tile). 

Original at Move In

Pretty dark photo - don't know why that happened but you get the idea.

Closed door goes to hallway.

Now painted in Behr's "Artesian Water".  Quite the dynamic change!  Lots to do here yet!  
The grey 'desk stuff and shelving' is what I have.  Can't afford replacement at this point in time so thinking we'll just decorate around it.  When I find fabric for the chair, I'll pick up one of 
the colors from that and paint inside the arch, then replace the shelves in the arch
with dark wood.  This room is oft the repository for ' don't know what to do with it stuff ' so will be awhile before it actually looks like a room.  


Main Bath

Need to keep in mind that this room can be seen from Living/Dining area below so need some color flow.  Thinking a 'quick fix' will be a winter project (not yet sure which winter!).  It's not great 
but it functions and we can cope.  We will eventually gut it and begin anew however need to complete the kitchen first and at the speed that project is moving, it may be years before the bath is begun.  :-((  
@ October '07 -- Very poor quality paint is beginning to peel & flake so need to be doing something about this PDQ.


Idea Photos


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