Entry Project

Nothing done here but our "shoe collection".  :-))  Oh and we did replace the light fixture.
Got these for the stairs up to the livingroom area but not sure whether to place them both of the same wall or across from each other.  (see below)
Front Hall going up steps to living.

New light fixture for front hall.  Not outstanding but better.




Not a very good shot (and please excuse the dying flowers).  There is a barely discernible bench now on the front porch.  Managed another photo (below) of the bench.

Front Doors -- need to be rid of the 'brass' door hardware.  Would also like to replace the doors top panels (don't know if possible) with lights + ironwork over top.

Lights also on the agenda but . . . later.
Excuse my sickly fern on the right.  I suspect that more than one person was watering.  :-))

Would like to find a rug, something like this, for the front 
door area.

Here's a better picture of the bench.  Would like to add some Talavera Tiles to this somewhere along the top rail.

Another photo of the right side of the porch.  Nothing looks too healthy here but I suspect its some combination of an over-enthusiastic water person and late planting.  
Time alone will tell.



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