Exterior & Grounds Projects





This garden has been largely untended for several years thus there is MUCH to do.  The mere size of the project is such that the only reasonable manner to deal with it is to split it into geographical areas and create projects in each area.  I've created  separate pages for the garden itself which can be found here.

This page is or will be mostly about hardscape stuff like rebuilding the arbors and future planning for various exterior improvements -- likely quite awhile before done -- thus mostly idea collection stuff.

Front Porch Area

The Above are *Before* Pictures

We'd like to remove the top row of panels from 
this door, glass them & do a *bar type* panel 
over something like the photos below.  
The brass door lockset also needs to be replaced 
at some point.

Great ideas for bars & lockset!

Looking for a rug like this for the front porch.  The link I had to get this one disappeared . . .  Of Course!  




Inspiration Photos

Note red brick or tile on curbing

Much cooler lamps more in keeping with the 
Spanish motif.

Note balconies this photo & next

Good example for *redo* of rear

Even this window (on the left) would be an improvement from the square one there now.   I like this color on the walls.  It has more strength and impact than the 'pink-almost-white' that is there now.

Front Porch is quite similar to this albeit without the decor.

Redoing the Living Room Window along these lines might look neat ~ restore some traditional character

Note rock area under hose + bib

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