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A little preamble about our garden:  The original owner of this property ( 20+ years ago ) was a dedicated gardener.  Most all of what we have here was created and planted or built by him.  The intervening years have seen two other owners neither of whom displayed the dedication to this property that he had.  Thus when we moved here April  '05 a great deal of pruning and cleanup was (and is) required, In some cases - simply to find out what is here as the grass was so high one had to search carefully for the plants and clip around them before attacking the grass.  :-))  This bin was absolutely packed tight with prunings and we've burned equally as much.

These pages will be our logbook and record of what we've done & have yet to do.  Given 
our 'ever advancing years' its our intention to plant "low maintenance" with the exception 
of one or two areas.  We don't want to see the garden fall into disrepair again however 
the time will come when the knees and backs will be too creaky to 
engage in heavy duty gardening.

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