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Small Pantry Cupboard Challenge

Kitchen Project


While still a ways to go to be called 'completed', enough is now done to give us hope that 
it will actually all be done . . . one day.  As I look at these photos, I guess we've made 
progress but it goes at such a snails pace. it's difficult to see any change 
except thru looking at 'then and now' photos!

Before + Kinda After Kitchen

On Move In Day

At December '06 - No cupboard doors but progress! 

On Move In Day At May '06 
(and at Dec '06 - still no tile - sigh!)

On Move In Day At September '06

On Move In Day Oven + Micro Installed plus Breakfast Bar area but still waiting for the tile . . .and waiting and waiting . . .

Have new stools now (as opposed to our old bar stools pictured below) but in time, hope to get the carved stools from Mexico.

As we have no before and after since there was no island previously ~ thus these pics are only after's.  The island works really well for this kitchen and we're really pleased!

We've replaced the *white outlet* with a brown one so it blends in reather than stand out.  We now have a towel rack on the side opposite the plug.  I took a pic but it's lost somewhere.  :-))


Sept'07 And We Have TILE!!

On Move In

Almost Complete except for outlet cover + another coat or two of stain for the shelf.

On Move In Tile looks very orangey here but is really a warm beige with some terracotta in it.  Need to take a face on pic for a better idea of the change but more difficult to do now with the island installed.


So that's where we are now (Sep '07).  Next items on the list are the 'small pantry cupboard' and sliding drawer thing for all the oils, sauces, etc.  Then the fan area above the cooktop and ~ oh yeah ~ cupboard doors!  And did I mention lighting and doing something about that white dishwasher panel?  We're not sure of the century for these items.  Here's some pictures of those challenges.


I used the deco tiles here on the Breakfast Bar to create a cross thinking it's "very Mex".  

One tile on either side as well.  Shelf facing needs another coat (or two) of stain.

Future Projects

Lighting Issues

We had two of the item on the right and have replaced one with this track.  It's still missing a light but is surely an improvement over the "operating lights" !

I'm wanting to do some kind of copper tin punch lighting with this one, which will be over the island.  Also likewise over the sink --  pic below.

Over Sink Light

Cooktop Hood Issue

I'd like to replace the present arrangement with a liner (likely Vent-a-Hood) and a surround similar to this pic.

Courtesy of Allison and (IMO) totally perfect for our kitchen.  Not sure about the copper (although I love it) given our vaulted ceiling.

Idea Photos

Small Pantry Cupboard

This cupboard is 30" deep which makes it 
really difficult to reach anything at the back.  
I'd like to put pull out drawers in here but 
am finding them really difficult to find.  
As it's a framed cupboard the maximum 
width I can use for the drawers 
(including hardware) 
is about 15 1/2".  I'd like to put spice racks 
on the door (like this one) so the drawers 
would need to be about 24" deep.  


Laundry Area Project


Steps to Kitchen from Laundry area. 

To the right is door leading to the rear patio.  To the left is the door to the family room.  

We're using the small cupboard on the right as a 'cleaning cupboard' having removed the folding door as it was very awkward to get into the cupboard.

Half of Laundry area now painted, new W/D 
and now awaiting sink and cabinetry.  And waiting and waiting . . .

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