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Empty House Photos


Square on wall beside fireplace is a 'wood inlet 
or outlet' -- whichever you please.  

From the landing on the stairs.


Again but straight at the window and shows the 
entrance from the front hall (bottom left side).

Looking from the fireplace back towards 
the stairs and kitchen.

Stairs to upper level and view to kitchen.

View from the staircase landing.


Progressions . . . .


Well - if we're going to change something 
then let's be dynamic!  Our paint tryout to test if we could live with the color.  Decided it was a yes so . . . on to the next photo.

Here we are painted (although the photo is a bit dark).  It looks really strong in this photo but really it isn't *quite* that intense.  The light plays differently at different times of the day and different weather conditions. . . . I think it will work and we are happy.  The color goes very well with the wood and creates a lot of warmth.  
I LUV warmth!  :-))


Photo of the upper hall (for Tropisol).  Maybe this will make things a little clearer??  Had to paint across the face wall due the arch.  The reflection is such that one can't clearly see the walls on the inside of the hallway are white (at the moment).

On the top left is the BM paint I have already purchased.  On the right (first from the left chip) is the paint that I really like.  Thus the dilemma.  Solution we've decided on is to undercoat with A & 2nd Coat with B.  :-))

New shades are Home Depot finds.  If you note the other photos, the lampshades are *plain jane white/beige*.  I'd seen some sage green ones and went to pick them up and then saw these.  Seem to work and will do for now until we can replace the entire fixture.  
(Please excuse our dust.  LOL!!)

So now we have a painted room and a new sectional sofa and chair but . . . still the old tables.  Slooowly getting better.  

Same shot taken a little lower on the stairs.  The lamp on the far left by the TV will be "donated".  Haven't taken a closeup photo of the new lamps yet.  New fireplace insert ordered - not my fave but DH insisted on getting wood.  Sigh.  Need art work for walls, blinds for windows, new tile for fireplace hearth and base.  Also need to replace mantel and paint brick to something more earthy in color.  Oh - did I mention new lamp tables and coffee table and . . . plus need to tackle getting TV OUT of living room!  AND need to find some fabric to make additional pillows for sofa to tie it all together. . . . .

So now we have some new side tables & coffee table, a mirror for the wall, a new fireplace insert, and we've painted the FP & mantle in a 'sagey green-beige' kinda color.  Definitely an improvement over the white though hard to see the difference in this picture.

Close-up of new FP.  Not my ideal but the GREAT folks at Comox Fireplace and Patio created a new surround for us to replace the 'brass thing' that came with this style of box so I can live with it.  Now we just have to get rid of the god-awful tile!  That will be in 2000 + ???.

Armoire with plants in dark wicker 
basket on top.  

One of the side tables up closer.

Coffee Table Close-up

On the right side of the kitchen doorway, I'm dreaming of doing something along the lines 
of the photo to the right.

Would look into the kitchen and perhaps 
add some interest to the wall.  

Close-up of the new painting.  I'll try to get a better picture of it as it creates a great color palette for this room and those adjoining.  That said, the dining area seems really difficult to obtain a good picture in.  No matter how many lights I turn on or what time of day, they always come out dark.  :-(((  Perhaps I should take it off the wall and into better light.

This piece is behind the sofa however once I've found a new (read another ) piece of furniture/sofa table, it will be moved against the staircase wall ( I think ) where the rattan chest 
& 'palm plant' presently reside.

Need something for the top of this staircase.  Thinking maybe a plant (more columnar than 
a *spready one*) and a mirror??  The plant 
and the chest at the bottom have other 
destinies than there present location.  :-))

Recent addition of Candelabra which has not 
yet found it's permanent home.

Blinds now in on one of the 
Living/Dining Windows

Another Living/Dining Window with 
Wood Blinds & new painting.

New Sofa Table

Close-up of Painting
When I can *lose* the TV from the LR, 
the cactus will move to the left side of the painting, hiding the fan switch.

Armoire Up Close + Personal
I love this ~ it holds huge amounts of stuff!

Small Table Moved 

Latest Addition - Lamp for Sofa Table

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