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Sorry folks ~ it will be (quite) awhile before I get this complete!

Dealing with and trying to understand computers, file structures, program how-to's and fixing all screws up or whatever else has been and still is, an ongoing battle.  I guess I could take courses but naaah, that would be waaay too simple!  

After each system upgrade, be it programs or O/S's (Operating Systems), I've gone on yet another 'hunt for info' both to cope and to avoid screwing up my 'brand new' system.  Over time this has resulted in a large collection of links so thought I'd put them here in case they might be helpful to others.   I won't guarantee to update them regularly however, so if they become broken, you'll have to "Google" them.

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Web Construction

Front Page

Search Engine Info


Mail Clients

Contact Managers

Operating Systems



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Visibone ColorLab   Simply the best to visualize web page colors together.  Hints: put your background color in last & use the little ' x ' in each color swatch to get rid of one you don't like.  Uses only the 216 Color Palette.  Waaay cool tool!
Custom Error 404 Page making instructions also found here.  If you search Google for 'Custom 404 Error Page', you'll find several more appropriate links. You'll need to know what type server your domain is running to create 404 pages.  For most sites you can obtain that info at Netcraft.  
Web Archives  ~  AKA Retro-Web  :-)))  You can see earlier versions of your fave websites & how they have progressed in style (or not) !
Matt's Script Archive  ~  a great place to get free scripts for bulletin boards, guestbooks, countdown clocks and several others.
Bobby will analyze your site, one page at a time, checking for compliance with accessibility standards.
BrowserSizer is a handy little download program which sits in your tray.  When you want to know what a page will look like at a different resolution, click on it & choose your options.  A lot easier than changing your screen resolution several times.  Shareware with $20.00 registration fee.
Any Browser has a few cool tools, one being a site viewer which allows you to see your site in various browsers.  Also has link checker & html validation tools.


My first FP program was FP'97 so I've gathered links over eons.  Most are info links and templates but some are tools which expand FP's flexibility for a task or get rid of 'annoyances' such as that "New Page" that pops up every time you open FP!  If you choose to install a tool, please check it's relevance to your version of FP first to ensure it works for you or is necessary for your version as in later versions of FP, some of these tools have been incorporated.

A Plus Templates  ~  $29.95 USD buys you access to 200 templates.  Check them out - some of them look pretty good, particularly for business pages!
Often an excellent place to find answers to your questions & puzzles.  If you don't see your specific enigma answered, post a question & likely you'll get lots of help.
APlusTemplates Forum Time For Web Forum
Front Page Talk Forum Talk Front Page Forum


Access Front Page
ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers, Volume 12 FrontPage Tips from Tina Clarke, FrontPage MVP
FrontPage Forms  ~  Info, tutorials  & issues with Front Page


Link Popularity  ~  Freeware program for link popularity

UTILITIES ~  Great utility for boosting the right click feature of IE (Internet Explorer).




PC PitStop  ~  Great site for O/S info, tests for your system, forums for questions . . . worth a visit


PaintShop Pro:- The links for PSP are vast thus the ones I've put here are for more recent versions.  Many web rings and a tons of info are available on this program on the web.
Image Composer:-  IC is an excellent program however it only came with Front Page '97/'98 and thereafter went the way of the dodo bird.  IF you have this program as a result of having one of the above, these are useful links  If you didn't/don't . . . don't bother with this.  


DSL Reports Good for checking out your broadband results.

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